What is Employee Ancillary Insurance?

Employee ancillary insurance has benefits that you can offer beyond basic health insurance. These voluntary benefits include dental, vision, life, and disability insurance. Offering a robust package of ancillary insurance benefits not only prioritizes the well-being of your employees, but it makes your company a more attractive place to work.

How Can We Help?

  • Personalized Solutions: At Single Source Insurance, we believe a one-size-does-not-fit-all approach. We work closely to understand your company’s unique needs and we tailor ancillary benefit packages with your goals and budget.
  • Expert Guidance: Our team of experienced professionals are here to offer expert advice on the best products available in the market.
  • Seamless Integration: We make the implementation and management of your ancillary benefits package as smooth as possible. We help integrate with your existing HR systems and processes.
  • Support and Education: We provide ongoing support and resources to educate both employers and employees about their ancillary benefits. This ensures your team can make informed decisions about their insurance options.

When should business owners purchase Employee Ancillary Insurance?

The ideal time to invest in employee ancillary insurance is now. In the current competitive job market, offering a comprehensive benefits package can significantly impact your ability to attract and retain top talent. Ancillary benefits are not just an add-on; they are a crucial component of a total compensation strategy that values and supports employees’ overall health and well-being.

What is covered under Employee Ancillary Insurance?

Our ancillary insurance offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Dental Insurance: From preventative care to major procedures, ensure your employees have access to quality dental care.
  • Vision Insurance: Cover examinations, eyewear or contact lenses to maintain your employees eye health.
  • Life Insurance: Provide financial security to your employees’ loved ones in unforeseen circumstances.
  • Disability Insurance: Protect your employees’ earnings in case of temporary or permanent disability that prevents them from working.
  • And More: Depending on your needs, we can include additional coverages such as long-term care, critical illness insurance, and accident insurance.

The Single Source Difference

When you choose Single Source Insurance for commercial property insurance needs, you don’t just get a policy; you get trusted advisors who genuinely care about your business. Our knowledgeable agents and dedicated team members have decades of experience in helping Clearwater, Florida businesses just like yours. Partner with Single Source Insurance and benefit from:

  • Customizable policies built around your specific needs
  • Competitive pricing and flexible payment options
  • Unparalleled industry expertise and a commitment to personalized service

Let us show you the Single Source difference today. Get in touch with our expert advisors so we can help find the right coverage for the things you care about most.

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